• If you are into Kratom or looking to do Kratom business, this spot is a must visit. These are hands down the best Kratom products I have ever tried. Everything is made from fresh leaves, and you can taste ( and feel! ) the difference. The proprietor speaks English, Thai, Japanese, and Korean - so don't be shy... go get some of the JUICE 🤣

    -P.E. on Google Maps

  • If you are into the Kratom buzz, then i highly recommend checking this shop. They got fresh kratom tea on tap. You can buy bottles, kratom capsule and a bunch of other products. The owner is very friendly and easy to talk with! Check it out!

    -M.F. on Google Maps

  • OG Kratom is the ONLY Kratom related dispensary in the world and I have most definitely looked long & far. The owner/proprietor is Asian-American I believe bit he is no stranger to the highest quality kratom. It’s in Ratchadaprisek (industrial district) bit worth the journey. I’d be safe & call first, but overall it was an AMAZING & UNIQUE BKK experience.

    -P.S. on Google Maps

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Successful Event Highland 420

OG Kratom is always available for their Die Hard fans. We available on many destinations all over Thailand with our specially Brewed soda with lot's of special flavors. We had biggest success event in recent time is HIGHLAND 420 held in Bangkok which was instant success and customer response can be seen throughout whole event.

Regards :- OG Kratom Team

Highland 420 OG Original New Cans

OG Kratom presented original flavor cans on Highland 420 event held in Bangkok on 8th and 9th of June 2024. The vibrant cans took the whole event attention and was in demand throughout the event.

Regards:- OG Kratom Team

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One of the Thailand most famous and notorious band SRIRAJAH ROCKERS was the main performing band of Highland 420 event which is held in Bangkok 8th & 9th of June 2024. They were official associated with OG kratom from the first day and their band member was a part of OG kratom team as well. The whole band a huge fan of our freshly brewed soda's in all different flavors.

Regards:- OG Kratom Team

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Taste Of Greatness!! One Of The Kind!!!!

OG kartom changed the image of Kratom use & brings in many more flavor to use it socially all over Thailand. Everyone wants to try and know more about our specially brewed drinks / capsule & powder. We been fully packed throughout the whole Highland 420 event.

Regards:- OG Kratom Team

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On our all OG KRATOM booth throughout the Thailand you not only able to get just an soda / capsule and powder but you also going to get a festival vibes like a celebration of lifetime. Even the another booths like to hangout drink our specially brewed kraft soda and smoke a special flower to celebrate the success of the event.

Regards:- OG Kratom Team

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To make any event successful there is always a hardworking and dynamic team efforts which brings out the best in the product to showcase the real potential of the product and the brand.

Regards:- OG Kratom Team

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Experience kratom with OG Kratom Explore the extensive selection of kratom products offered by OG Kratom

OG Kratom is Thailand’s leading high quality kratom supplier.
Our kratom is harvested from the Pathum Thani region, just north of Bangkok.

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