• If you are into Kratom or looking to do Kratom business, this spot is a must visit. These are hands down the best Kratom products I have ever tried. Everything is made from fresh leaves, and you can taste ( and feel! ) the difference. The proprietor speaks English, Thai, Japanese, and Korean - so don't be shy... go get some of the JUICE 🤣

    -P.E. on Google Maps

  • If you are into the Kratom buzz, then i highly recommend checking this shop. They got fresh kratom tea on tap. You can buy bottles, kratom capsule and a bunch of other products. The owner is very friendly and easy to talk with! Check it out!

    -M.F. on Google Maps

  • OG Kratom is the ONLY Kratom related dispensary in the world and I have most definitely looked long & far. The owner/proprietor is Asian-American I believe bit he is no stranger to the highest quality kratom. It’s in Ratchadaprisek (industrial district) bit worth the journey. I’d be safe & call first, but overall it was an AMAZING & UNIQUE BKK experience.

    -P.S. on Google Maps

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Experience kratom with OG Kratom

OG Kratom is Thailand’s leading high quality kratom supplier.
Our kratom is harvested from the Pathum Thani region, just north of Bangkok.