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OG Kratom

OG KRATOM Soda (330 ML)

OG KRATOM Soda (330 ML)

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Using high quality Kratom leaves from Pathum Thani province, OG Kratom is one of the most reliable and Kratom producer

Their drink is simply delicious, and contains only natural local ingredients. It will give you energy at any moment.

Available in 4 flavors, each with different potency :

  • Original – Strength = 4 – Longan honey and Thai fresh limes.
  • Fresh –Strength = 3  – Longan honey and Thai fresh limes.
  • Kola – Strength = 2  – Cola recipe is for fans of the popular sodas.
  • Cherry – Strength = 1 – Soda with a sweet and tart cherry taste.
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